Anguttara Nikaya Publication Announcement

Update: The Numerical Discourses of the Buddha is now available at and

Wisdom Publications has just announced pre-ordering for the new translation of the Anguttara Nikaya by Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi under the title of Numerical Discourses of the Buddha: The
A Complete Translation of the Anguttara Nikaya.

You can read the announcement here on their website.

Ten years in the making, this translation completes the modern translation of the first four Nikayas. It is an essential text for any follower of the Blessed One’s teachings. The page linked to above contains a link to a free PDF download of the table of contents as well as a reader’s guide. This guide presents a thematic organization of the suttas in the same structure as Bhikkhu Bodhi’s anthology In the Buddha’s Words.

This will be an excellent text for daily sutta practice.

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