Major updates to “Canonical Collections for Practice” Page on

The Canonical Collections for Practice has been recently updated to reflect several new publications

  • The Handful of Leaves Anthology by Ajahn Thanissaro has been reorganized so the first four Nikayas make up each of four volumes. The suttas from the fifth book have been incorporated into the first four.
  • Translations by Ajahn Thanissaro of books from the Khudhaka Nikāya are now available as individual volumes:
    • Dhammapada
    • Udāna
    • Itivuttaka
    • Sutta Nipāta (new, complete)
    • Poems of the Elders (Anthology)

All of these are available as print books upon request from Metta Forest Monastery. Note, the Sati Center is no longer the distributor of the Handful of Leaves anthology.

  • Four new publications from Mahamegha are now easily available on Amazon. They are all complete translations
    • Stories of Heavenly Mansions from the Vimanavatthu
    • Stories of Ghosts from the Petavatthu
    • The Voice of Enlightened Monks: The Thera Gatha
    • The Voice Of Enlightened Nuns: The Theri Gatha

And speaking of the Khudhaka Nikāya, expect to see an brand new translation of the Sutta Nipāta this year from Bhante (Bhikkhu) Bodhi.