Khuddaka Nikāya Index


abodes of beings, nine, Kp4

accusation, Dhp3


blameless, Kp5

and results, Dhp1, Dhp2

admonishment, being easy to, Kp5

aggregates, Kp4

as suffering, Dhp202

alcohol, Kp5

alms gatherer, simile of bee and flower, Dhp49

analytical knowledge (paṭisambhidā), Kp8

anger (kodha), Dhp chapter 17

keep in check, Dhp222

overcoming, Dhp223

simile of charioteer, Dhp222


envied by gods, Dhp94

residence of, Dhp98–9

simile of bird in sky, Dhp92–3

simile of earth, Dhp95

simile of lake, Dhp95

simile of post, Dhp95

ascetic, mendicant, sage, true meaning, Dhp265–72

ascetic practices, uselessness of, Dhp141


with fools, Dhp207

with loved and unloved, Dhp210

simile of moon and stars, Dhp208

with wise, Kp5, Dhp64–5, Dhp206–7

association with people, Kp5


sexual, Dhp284

simile of calf, Dhp284

as source of sorrow, Dhp214

austerity, Kp5


bad actions

accumulating little by little, Dhp121

doing again and again, Dhp117

easy to do, Dhp163

results come slowly, Dhp119

results of, Dhp15, Dhp17

seeing results of, Dhp15, Dhp17

simile of poison, Dhp124

bad monastics, rebirth, Dhp307–8

bad people, simile of arrow, Dhp304

beautiful, sign of, Dhp7

beautiful words beneficial for the one who practices, simile of flower, Dhp52

beautiful words without practicing, simile of flower, Dhp51

beauty, Kp8


inevitability of, Dhp227

by the wise, Kp9

blame and praise

simile of rock, Dhp81

unaffected by, Dhp81

blessings (maṅgala), Kp5


simile of foam, Dhp46

simile of pot, Dhp40

thirty-two parts, Kp3

bones, simile of gourds, Dhp149

brahmacariya. see monastic life

brahmin, true meaning, Dhp chapter 26

Buddha, the, Kp6, Dhp chapter 14

as best person, Dhp353

envied by gods, Dhp181

rarity of, Dhp182

business, Kp9


celibacy, Kp5

children, caring for, Kp5

concentration (samādhi), Kp6

hindrances to, Dhp249–50

and wisdom, Dhp372

confidence, and giving, Dhp249

conflicts, Dhp6

stopping, Dhp134

conscience, simile of horse and whip, Dhp143–44

contentment, Kp5, Dhp199–200, Dhp331

as criterion for loving-kindness, Kp9

as wealth, Dhp204

craving, Dhp chapter 24

freedom from, Dhp350–52

simile of creeper, Dhp334

simile of grass in rain, Dhp335

simile of monkey, Dhp334

simile of rabbit, Dhp342–43

simile of root digging, Dhp337

simile of water drop on lotus leaf, Dhp336

as source of sorrow, Dhp215

underlying tendency, Dhp338, Dhp340

cruelty (hiṁsa)



all fear, Dhp129

cannot escape, Dhp128

comes quickly, Dhp41

leaving all behind, Kp8

simile of cowherd, Dhp135

simile of flood, Dhp47, Dhp287

deathless (amata), Dhp21, Dhp411

departed relatives

compassion towards, Kp7

duty towards, Kp7

honoring, Kp7

sharing merit with, Kp7

Dhamma, Kp6

as best gift, Dhp354

as best joy, Dhp354

in brief, Dhp183, Dhp185

delight in, Dhp364

rejoicing in, Dhp79

teaching, Dhp363

well explained, Dhp86

Dhamma discussion, timely, Kp5

Dhamma teaching, simile of flowering forest, Kp6

Dhanapāla, elephant, Dhp324

diligence, Kp5. see also heedfulness (appamāda)

discernment, Dhp256

disciple of the Buddha, simile of lotus in mud, Dhp59

discipline, Kp5

domain (gocarā), Dhp11, Dhp12



immoderation, Dhp7

restraint, Dhp8

education, Kp5

eight individuals, Kp6

elephant, Dhp chapter 23

enduring abuse, Dhp320–21, Dhp399

simile of elephant, Dhp320

energy, Dhp8, Dhp168

single day of, Dhp112

enlightenment factors, Kp4

envy, block to concentration, Dhp365

essential/inessential, Dhp11, Dhp12


abandoning, Kp5

simile of merchant, Dhp123

simile of poison, Dhp123

evil actions, harming oneself, Dhp161, Dhp162, Dhp164

external qualities, Dhp393–94


faith (saddhā), Dhp333

lack of prevents wisdom, Dhp37

fame, danger of, Dhp72

faultfinding, Dhp50, Dhp252–3

feelings, Kp4

fetters, three lower, Kp6

first verses of Buddha, Dhp153–54

followers, Kp8

food, Kp4

fool, Dhp chapter 5

don’t associate with, Dhp61

long in saṁsara, Dhp60

own worst enemy, Dhp66

seeking power, Dhp73–4

foulness of body, Dhp147–50

four noble truths, Kp4, Kp5

four pairs of people, Kp6

friendship, Dhp78, Dhp323, Dhp328, Dhp331, Dhp376

showing faults, Dhp76


gentleness, as criterion for loving-kindness, Kp9

ghost realm, qualities of, Kp7

ghosts, sharing merit with, Kp7

giving, Kp5, Kp8

praised by wise, Dhp177

rebirth in heaven, Dhp224

going forth (pabbajja), difficult, Dhp302

good actions

accumulating little by little, Dhp122

doing again and again, Dhp118

hard to do, Dhp163

rebirth, Dhp219–20

results come slowly, Dhp120

results of, Dhp16, Dhp18

seeing results of, Dhp16, Dhp18

simile of garland maker, Dhp53

good friends, as result of merit, Kp8

good people

praised by gods, Dhp230

simile of Himalaya, Dhp304

gratitude, Kp5

greed, as fire, Dhp202, Dhp251

grieving, Kp7

grudge, Dhp3, Dhp4


happiness, Dhp chapter 15

with material things, Dhp290

through harming others, Dhp291

harming a good person, simile of dust in wind, Dhp125

harsh speech, result of, Dhp133

hatred, Dhp5

as crime, Dhp202

hatred (dosa), as crime, Dhp251

health, as blessing, Dhp204


few reborn in, Dhp174

vs. kingship, Kp8

simile of bird and net, Dhp174

heedfulness (appamāda), Dhp chapter 2, Dhp21

as always praised, Dhp30

as best treasure, Dhp26

rejoicing in, Dhp22

simile of fire, Dhp31

simile of island, Dhp25

simile of moon, Dhp172–73

simile of mountain-top, Dhp28

simile of swift horse, Dhp29

heedlessness (pamāda), Dhp21

see fear in, Dhp31, Dhp32

heirs, Kp8

hell, Dhp chapter 22

holy life, rejected in youth, Dhp155–54

honor, Kp5, Dhp392

non-delight in, Dhp75

result of giving, Dhp109

to the worthy, Dhp106–9, Dhp195–96

hope, Dhp410

human birth, rarity of, Dhp182

humility, Kp5

as criterion for loving-kindness, Kp9

hunger, as illness, Dhp203


ignorance, as worst stain, Dhp243

immorality, simile of creeper, Dhp162

impermanence, Dhp151, Dhp277

intention, Dhp1, Dhp2


jealousy, Dhp209


karma, cannot escape results of, Dhp127

killing, Dhp129–30

result of, Dhp131–32

thinking of others as oneself, Dhp129–30


lay life, difficult, Dhp302

laziness, Dhp7, Dhp280

leadership, Kp8

learning, Dhp392

listening to Dhamma

small amount, Dhp100–2, Dhp259

timely, Kp5

livelihood, monastic, Dhp366

love (non-hatred), Dhp197

love (piya), Dhp chapter 16

loved ones, clinging to, Dhp211–12

loving-kindness, Kp9, Dhp368

lust (rāga)

developed mind, Dhp14

simile of rain and roof, Dhp13, Dhp14

undeveloped mind, Dhp13

lying, Dhp176

overcoming, Dhp223

rebirth, Dhp306



attacks the lazy, Dhp7

cannot attack the energetic, Dhp8

cannot find the good, Dhp57

simile of stream, Dhp337

simile of wind and mountain, Dhp8

simile of wind and weak tree, Dhp7


postures, Kp9

single day of, Dhp110–11

and wisdom, Dhp282

mendicant, young, Dhp382

merit, Kp5, Kp8

by honoring, Dhp195–96

praised by wise, Kp8

as support for nibbāna, Kp8

as true possession, Kp8

merit sharing, Kp7

simile of flowing rain, Kp7

mind, Dhp chapter 3

guarded leads to hppiness, Dhp36

as hard to control, Dhp33, Dhp34

simile of arrow maker, Dhp33

simile of citadel, Dhp40

simile of fish, Dhp34

as subtle, Dhp36

tamed leads to happiness, Dhp35

trained better than family, Dhp43

untrained worse than enemy, Dhp42

mindful person, simile of swan, Dhp91

mindfulness, Dhp374

mindfulness of body, Dhp293

misconduct, giving up, Dhp232–33

monastic life

giving up, Dhp344

simile of kusa grass, Dhp311

wrongly practiced, Dhp311, Dhp313

money, saving, Kp8

morality, as merit, Kp8


name and form, Kp4

nibbāna, Kp5

attained by few, Dhp85

simile of lamp going out, Kp6

noble eightfold path, Kp4

as best path, Dhp273

as essential, Dhp274

non-hatred, Dhp5

not-self, Dhp279


offerings, to gods, Kp6

old age, Dhp chapter 11

simile of arrows, Dhp156

simile of cranes, Dhp155

outward appearance deceiving, Dhp142, Dhp262, Dhp264

overeating, simile of hog, Dhp325


paccekabuddha, Kp8

parents, caring for, Kp5, Kp8, Dhp332

past, present future, let go of, Dhp348

patience, Kp5, Dhp399

as austerity, Dhp184

possessions, not our own, Dhp62

practicing, without recitation, Dhp20

praise and blame, Dhp228

praise by gods, Dhp366

precepts, Dhp333

ten, Kp2

priorities, Dhp209


rebirth, Dhp153–54


as not enough, Dhp19, Dhp259

simile of cowherd, Dhp19


of past lives, Dhp423

of triple gem, Dhp296–298

refuges, Kp1

false, Dhp188–89

seeing noble truths, Dhp190–92

region, suitable, Kp5

regret, Dhp67–8

relatives, Kp5

renunciation, Dhp87–8

simile of swan, Dhp91

reputation, Dhp24

simile of fragrance, Dhp54

respect, Kp5

restraint, Kp8, Dhp360–63, Dhp375

simile of thoroughbred, Dhp380

results of actions

delay in seeing, Dhp71

harming oneself, Dhp240, Dhp247

simile of bamboo, Dhp164

simile of diamond grinding, Dhp161

simile of rust, Dhp240

retaliation, Dhp389

right view, Dhp319

righteous conduct, Kp5


not worthy of, Dhp9

worthy of, Dhp10


sadness and happiness, Dhp83

Sakka, Dhp31

Saṅgha, Kp6

best recipient, Dhp356–59

field of merit, Kp7

gifts to, Kp6

simile of pillar, Kp6

seclusion, Dhp305

security (khema), Kp5

self destruction, Dhp355

self examination, Dhp50

self guarding, simile of citadel, Dhp315

self knowledge, Dhp63

self purification, simile of silversmith, Dhp239

self reflection, Dhp379

self reliance, Dhp165, Dhp236, Dhp238, Dhp276

simile of elephant, Dhp327

self sacrifice, not neglecting ones own good, Dhp166

self taming, Dhp80, Dhp103–5, Dhp159–60, Dhp322–23

simile of arrow maker, Dhp80, Dhp145

simile of carpenter, Dhp80, Dhp145

simile of irrigator, Dhp80, Dhp145

seniority, true meaning, Dhp260–1

sense desire, simile of iron ball, Dhp371

sense fields, Kp4

sense pleasures, as insatiable, Dhp186

sensual pleasures, as fetter, Dhp346–47, Dhp349

sexual misconduct, result, Dhp309–10

shame, Dhp316

shrines (cetiya), Kp8

sibling, caring for, Kp8

six grave crimes (Chaccābhiṭhānāni abhabba), Kp6

sleep, Dhp79, Dhp168–69

waking well, Dhp296–298

solitary Buddha. see paccekabuddha

solitary life, Dhp329–30, Dhp404

solitude, better than association with fools, Dhp61

sorrowlessness, Kp5

sovereignty, Kp8


easy to speak to, Kp9

well-spoken, Kp5

stains, Dhp241–42

stinginess, overcoming, Dhp223


better than heaven, Dhp178

rebirth, Kp6

suffering, Dhp278

sweet voice, Kp8


training, Kp5

triple gem, Kp6

truth, rebirth in heaven, Dhp224


unlearned person, simile of ox, Dhp152

urgency, Dhp146


victory and defeat, Dhp201

Vinaya, Dhp375

violence, result of, Dhp137–40


as criterion for loving-kindness, Kp9

as supreme fragrance, Dhp55–6


wheel-turning monarch, Kp8


and concentration, Dhp372

and meditation, Dhp282

wise people, simile of lake, Dhp82

work, Kp5


simile of bubble, Dhp170

simile of mirage, Dhp170

worldly conditions, Kp5

wrong views, Kp9, Dhp316–18