Majjhima Nikaya as a Daily Sutta Reading Practice

If you have an interest in learning what the Blessed One taught and you can devote 20–30 minutes to daily sutta reading practice, the Majjhima Nikaya will be an excellent text with which to work. It is especially suitable for people with an interest in applying the teaching to their lives, either through meditation or … Read more

Sutta Reading Practice Text Suggestions Based on Available Time

Minimal time commitment 10-60 seconds (including reflection time) One Dhammapada verse per day. One sutta from the Itivuttaka per day. Medium time commitment 1-10 minutes (including reflection time) One Sutta Per Day or a fixed time length Short topical anthologies by Ajahn Ṭhanissaro (Merit, Into the Stream, A Mediator’s Tools, Beyond Coping, A Burden Off … Read more

Sutta Reading Book Sources

This page contains contact information specifically for print copies of sutta texts, either for purchase, free distribution or PDF Download. You may also be interested in the document Building a Sutta Library. Sources: Printed books, commercial Wisdom Publications All of these books are available in both print and e-book (epub, Kindle, pdf) without DRM. … Read more