General Sutta Practice

Canonical Texts for Practice

Other PDF’s

  • Itivuttaka, translated by Ajahn Ṭhanissaro. 8.5 x 11 PDF

Working Deeply with the Defilements

Group Practice

Pali Pronunciation


  • Pali MN index PDF. This is a reformatted version of the downloadable index that has been on for years.  It lists all of the Pali names of the suttas in the Majjhima Nikaya along with their sutta number. This sort of an index is not included in the Wisdom Publications edition.
  • English MN index PDF. Similar to the document above but sorted by the English name.
  • English sutta title index for The Numerical Discourses of the Buddha. PDF. Print it double sided, flipping on the short edge.

5 thoughts on “Downloads”

  1. hi, i like to say , that the section” working deeply with defilements” is great. i would like to have more of these worksheets to different suttas.for example mn21. this is my favorite sutta. we can ask ourselfs how we would or should react. maybe you can work on some more worksheeds.
    thanks. with metta

  2. A bow of gratitude for this. _/|\_ I have included a link to Cannonical Collections for Practice in the Cannonical Texts page of

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