Making a sutta practice life list

For most people, a practice with the suttas is going to be primarily self directed. This gives us a great freedom in moving around the canon in the order and frequency we choose. But because there is little external direction and evaluation, we may end up after many years of practice having only explored a limited number of texts. Of course, focusing on a few collections and working with them very deeply is an excellent practice. But it is also good to fully experience the canon and see the full breadth of the teachings.

One tool to help with this is a sutta practice life list, a record of all the complete nikayas and collections you have read. This can help you get a “mile high” view of what you are doing and what you have and have not done over the years.

There’s a new article on the site that explains all the benefits of keeping such a life record and how to do it, as well as a blank form you can download and start using now.

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