Sutta Reading Practice Text Suggestions Based on Available Time

Think about the minimum amount of time that you believe you can commit to reading and reflecting on suttas each day. Don’t be afraid to start small! It’s better to start with something very short and let the words and the meaning draw you in to deeper practice. Once you decide, make a real plan and try to stick to it every day.

Minimal time commitment

10-60 seconds (including reflection time)

Medium time commitment

1-10 minutes (including reflection time) One Sutta Per Day or a fixed time length

Greater time commitment

15-30 minutes (including reflection time)

  • Majjhima Nikaya, One sutta per day, no more. You may want to first read suttas 21-30, then 11-20, then 1-10. You may want to consider repeating this cycle of the first 30 one or two times before continuing with the rest of the book. This will give you an excellent foundation for all other practice with the suttas. Consider using one of the shorter anthologies above as a backup plan for days when you have limited time for practice.

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