Therigatha in Pali & English: Verses of Senior Nuns translated by Bhikkhu Sujato—Free Epub, Kindle, PDF, DOCX

Now you can download an EPUB or Kindle edition of the complete Therīgāthā, the Verses of Senior Nuns, translated into English by Bhikkhu Sujato for Sutta Central in Pali and English. They are available for free distribution. If you find any errors, please report them directly to the discussion forum. This edition was created … Read more

Therigatha, Verses of the Senior Nuns Free Ebook by Sujato Bhikkhu & Jessica Walton: Kinde, EPUB, PDF, DOCX, TXT, HTML

This is an ebook version of the translation of the Therīgāthā by Sujato Bhikkhu & Jessica Walton found on You can download an automatically created EPUB version directly from the site. The downloads here are simply reformatted for better reading and navigation; the translation has not been touched. They were created in June of … Read more

Theragatha Therigatha Anthology from, Free Kindle, Epub

This is a free e-book anthology of Theragatha and Therigatha verses found on They are by various translators excluding Ajahn Thanissaro. His translations are published separately by Metta Forest Monastery. These e-books are strictly for free distribution. The following print translations of the Theragatha and Therigatha are available from Mahamevnawa: The Voice of Enlightened … Read more