Therigatha, Verses of the Senior Nuns Free Ebook by Sujato Bhikkhu & Jessica Walton: Kinde, EPUB, PDF, DOCX, TXT, HTML

This is an ebook version of the translation of the Therīgāthā by Sujato Bhikkhu & Jessica Walton found on You can download an automatically created EPUB version directly from the site. The downloads here are simply reformatted for better reading and navigation; the translation has not been touched. They were created in June of … Read more

Theragatha Therigatha Anthology from, Free Kindle, Epub

This is a free e-book anthology of Theragatha and Therigatha verses found on They are by various translators excluding Ajahn Thanissaro. His translations are published separately by Metta Forest Monastery. These e-books are strictly for free distribution. The following print translations of the Theragatha and Therigatha are available from Mahamevnawa: The Voice of Enlightened … Read more