Index: Loving-kindness (mettā)

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General: Snp1.8, AN3.63, Ud5.1, MN7, AN9.22, Kp9, AN10.219, AN10.220, AN11.16, MN40, SN42.13, MN55, MN62, MN93, MN96, MN119
See also friendship
to abandon enmity, SN10.4
to abandon hatred, AN6.107
to abandon ill-will, AN1.17, AN3.68, AN9.1, AN9.3, SN46.51
to abandon resentment, AN5.161
under abuse, MN21, MN50
as accompanying enlightenment factor, SN46.54
in action, MN31, MN33, MN48, MN104, MN128
as a basis for insight, MN52
benefits of, AN8.1, AN11.15
as cause for rebirth, AN7.62
as conditioned, MN52
as factor of uposatha, AN9.19
for a finger-snap, AN1.53, AN1.54, AN1.55
to gain the four assurances, AN3.65
grounds for making merit, Iti22, Iti27
as immeasurable deliverance, MN43, MN127
liberation of mind by, AN1.17, AN3.68, AN6.13, AN8.1, AN8.63, AN20.3, AN20.4, SN20.5, SN42.8, SN46.54
like a conch blower, DN13, SN42.8
measureless liberation of mind, SN41.7
more fruitful than giving, SN20.4
as a path to brahmā world, AN4.125, AN4.126, DN13, MN 83, MN97, MN99
as principle of cordiality, AN6.12, AN11.11, AN11.12
as a protection, AN3.67, SN20.3, SN20.5
as the state of a brahmā, AN4.190