Index: Speech

about oneself, AN4.73
about others, AN4.73
admonishment, AN10.44
answering questions, AN4.42
bad conduct, AN4.221–22
beneficial, AN5.198, MN58
best kind of, Thag21.1
blameless, AN5.198
boaster, AN10.85
of a Buddha, MN58
covert, MN139
criticizing noble ones, SN6.9, SN6.10
declarations, AN4.217–18, AN4.250–53, AN8.68–9
defamation, SN6.9
denigration, AN4.84
Dhamma, AN3.69
on Dhamma, Snp3.3, SN8.5
disputes about Dhamma, SN22.3, SN56.9
divisive, AN5.214
divisive: definition, DN2
factor for rebirth, AN4.82–3, AN10.211
factors of well spoken, AN5.198
false, AN5.214, SN42.13, SN55.7
false: for the sake of gain, SN3.7, SN17.11–20, SN17.37–43
false: regret over, SN42.8
false: results of, SN42.8
four kinds of bad, AN5.148
four kinds of good, AN5.149
gentle, AN5.198, AN5.214
good and bad, SN1.78
good conduct, AN4.221–22
harmless, Snp3.3, SN8.5, Thag21.1
harsh, AN5.214
harsh: definition, DN2
keeping silent, Ud2.2
lewd, Thag21.1
local language, MN139
with loving-kindness, AN5.198
lying, Iti25
lying: definition, DN2
non-Dhamma, AN3.69
non-divisive, AN5.214
praise and dispraise, AN4.3, AN4.83, AN4.100, AN5.116–120, AN5.236–38, SN6.9
qualifying, MN58, MN139
restraint, DN2
results of divisive speech, AN8.40
results of harsh speech, AN8.40
results of lying, AN8.40
results of useless speech, AN8.40
right speech (sammāvācā), AN10.176, AN10.211, MN60, MN117, MN141. see also Noble Eightfold Path
right speech (sammāvācā) abolishes wrong speech, MN117
right speech (sammāvācā): definition, SN45.8
self purification through, AN10.176
sharp, MN139
should be reflected on, AN10.44, MN61
simile of axe, SN6.9
simile of dung, AN3.28
simile of flowers, AN3.28
simile of honey, AN3.28
simile of new bride, AN4.73
speaking much, AN5.214
speaking right amount, AN5.214
that increases unwholesome qualities, AN4.183
that increases wholesome qualities, AN4.183
timely, AN5.198
timely or untimely, AN3.69
topics of discussion, AN10.69, AN10.70, SN56.10
true, AN5.214
types of, MN21, MN58
unwholesome root, AN3.69
useful, AN5.214
useless (tiracāna), AN5.214, AN10.69, AN10.70, SN56.10
useless: definition, DN2
and volition, AN10.217
well spoken, SN2.1, Snp3.3, AN5.198, SN7.16, SN8.5, SN8.6, SN11.5
wrong speech (micchāvacā), AN10.176, AN10.211, MN60, MN117