Index: Generosity (cāga)

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See also giving (dāna); stinginess

as an accomplishment, AN5.46, AN5.91, AN8.76, SN55.37
as cause for good reputation, AN3.79
cause for rebirth, SN1.49, AN4.55, AN8.46, AN8.49, AN8.54, MN120
as cause for wealth, SN1.49, AN4.61
grounds for making merit, MN99
with material things and with Dhamma, AN2.143
as a quality of a good person, AN4.53
quality of stream-enterer, SN55.6
recollection of ones own, AN6.10, AN6.25, AN11.11, AN11.13
recollection of other’s, MN68
as a sign of faith, AN3.42
stream of merit, SN55.32
talk of, AN5.157
as a type of wealth, AN5.47, AN7.6