Index: Giving (dāna)

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See also generosity (cāga); gradual instruction; stinginess

General: SN1.41, MN35, SN41.10

after giving, AN6.37
to all, Iti75
by bad person, SN1.32, AN5.141, AN5.147
basis of merit, AN8.36
as a blessing, Snp2.4
cause for rebirth, SN1.41, AN5.34, AN8.35, AN8.36
conditions for, AN3.41
dedication to gods, AN7.53
dedication to the dead, AN10.177
Dhamma, AN2.141, Iti98, Iti100, Dhp354
with equanimity, AN8.22
expecting something in return, AN7.52, AN8.35
and faith, SN1.33, SN1.43, SN2.23, AN3.42
of fearlessness, AN8.39
of food, SN1.41, AN4.57, AN4.58, AN4.59, AN5.37
to gain rebirth, SN29.11–50, SN30.10–46, SN31.3–112, SN32.3–52
to get friends, SN10.12
as good use of wealth, SN1.41, AN4.61
happiness after, AN8.37
how to give, AN5.147, AN6.37, AN7.52, MN110
last bite of food, Iti26
leads to wealth, SN42.9
levels of, SN1.32, AN3.57, AN4.78, AN6.37, AN7.52, AN8.34, AN8.36, AN9.20, Iti75
material things or Dhamma, AN2.141, Iti98, Iti100
method of, AN8.37
moderation in, AN1.322–3
as not enough, AN5.176
parents as worthy recipients, AN7.47
personal gifts, MN142
precepts as a gift, AN8.39
preventing, AN3.57
purifying, AN4.78, MN142
qualities of giver, AN6.37
qualities of recipient, AN3.57, SN3.24, AN4.34, AN4.63, AN5.32, AN6.37, AN6.59, AN8.34
reasons for, AN8.31, AN8.33
with regret, SN3.20, AN8.37
result directly visible, AN5.34
result of, SN1.32, SN1.43, SN2.23, AN4.57, AN4.58, AN4.197, AN5.31, AN5.35, AN5.37, AN5.44, AN5.45, AN5.147, AN8.35, AN8.36, AN8.40, Iti26, MN135
to the sangha, AN4.34, AN4.60, AN5.32, AN6.59, AN7.53, AN8.34, AN8.59, AN9.20, SN11.16, MN142
simile of cloud, Iti75
simile of ocean, AN5.45
as stream of merit, AN5.45
taught by the wise, AN3.45
times for, AN5.36, AN8.37
value in smallest gift, SN1.33, AN3.57, Iti26
what to give, SN1.41, AN5.44, AN5.147, AN8.37
whom to give to, AN2.35, AN3.57, SN3.24, AN4.63, AN5.44, AN5.179, SN7.13, AN8.59, SN11.16, MN56