Pali Language Ebooks, Kindle and Epub

The Following are e-books of the Pali Nikayas in the Pali language. The original code comes from the Vipassana Research Institute CST4.0 software which is based on the Burmese Sixth Council edition. They are intended for personal use only and may not be sold under any circumstances.

[Note: some e-pub devices will not break long words to fit on the page. You may need to temporarily change the display size. This is not a problem on the Kindle]

Digha Nikaya

DN Complete (1–3): MOBI EPUB

Majjima Nikaya

MN 1: First Fifty MOBI EPUB
MN 2: Second Fifty MOBI EPUB
MN 3: Third Fifty MOBI EPUB

Samyutta Nikaya

SN 1: Sagatha Vagga MOBI EPUB
SN 2: Nidana Vagga MOBI EPUB
SN 3: Khanda Vagga MOBI EPUB
SN 4: Salayatana Vagga MOBI EPUB
SN 5: Maha Vagga MOBI EPUB

Anguttara Nikaya

AN Complete (1–11) MOBI EPUB

Khuddaka Nikaya

Dhammapada MOBI EPUB
Itivuttaka MOBI EPUB
Sutta Nipata MOBI EPUB
Petavatthu MOBI EPUB

Please report any errors or feedback in the comments below or use the Contact Page.


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