Sutta Checklists for Tracking Reading Suttas

Samyutta Nikaya Checklist
Samyutta Nikaya Checklist example

You can use these sutta checklists to keep track of the suttas that you have read.  If you like to skip around, this will help to make sure that you eventually read them all.

Majjhima Single A4 PDF Checklist
Majjhima Single Letter PDF Checklist
Majjhima Multi A4 PDF Checklist
Majjhima Multi Letter PDF Checklist

Samyutta Nikaya A4 PDF Checklist
Samyutta Nikaya LEtter PDF Checklist

Anguttara Nikaya A4 PDF Checklist
Anguttara Nikaya Letter PDF Checklist

Khuddaka Nikaya A4 PDF Checklist
Khuddaka Nikaya Letter PDF Checklist

You may also like to keep track of the whole nikayas you have read. For that you can use a Sutta Practice Life List.