Sutta Reading Audio Book MP3—Dhammapada: The Buddha’s Path of Wisdom, Translated by Acharya Buddharakkhita

This is a complete audio recording of the Dhammapada translated by Ven. Buddharakkhita. You can download a print and ebook version here. If you want to use the audio recordings for a Dhammapada Per Day Practice, you may want to download the Khuddakanikaya checklist.

Here is a sample of the first track, Yamaka Vagga: Pairs


Dhammapada Audio Book Complete, Zip

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Audio Sutta Recording: Itivuttaka, translated by John D. Ireland

Cover of Itivuttaka by John D Ireland

Below you will find complete audio recordings of the four chapters of The Itivuttaka, translated by John D. Ireland as found in The Udāna and the Itivuttaka, Two Classics from the Pali Canon, Translated by John D. Ireland. ©1997 Buddhist Publication Society. Click on the links below to download. You can also download an e-book version of the translation here.

These files are created and distributed with the permission of the Buddhist Publication Society.

If you are listening a little bit each day as part of a regular practice, you may want to use the printable checklist of the Khuddakanikaya found here.

Individual Suttas as Single MP3 Files

The links below are bundled as zip files for each chapter.

56 kbps – Smaller File Size


Itivuttaka Chap-1-suttas-1-27, John Ireland, 56kbps


Itivuttaka, Chap 2, suttas 28-49, John Ireland, 56kbps


Itivuttaka, Chap 3, suttas 50-99, John Ireland, 56kbps


Itivuttaka, Chap 4, 100-112, John Ireland, 56kbps

Whole Chapters in a Single MP3 File


Itivuttaka 1:001-027 Ekakanipāto: The Section of the Ones, 42 minutes, 56 kbps MP3


Itivuttaka 2:028-049 Dukanipāto: The Section of the Twos, 40 minutes, 56 kbps MP3


Itivuttaka 3:050-099 Tikanipāto: The Section of the Threes, 107 minutes, 56 kbps MP3


Itivuttaka 4:100-112 Catukkanipāto: The Section of the Fours, 35 minutes, 56 kbps MP3


Listening Faithfully: Audio Book Sutta Reading from the Pali Canon

Originally the Buddha’s teachings were preserved orally by monks trained in memorization. Listening to recordings of the suttas can put us back in touch with this tradition. Repetitions that are seem unnecessary in print come to life when read aloud. These are resources for free audio book recordings of the suttas. If you know of more, post them in the comments below.

Download from this site:

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The publishing house for Mahamevnawa Buddhist Monasteries, Mahamegha, has several audio books from the Khuddakanikaya, including The Dhammapada, Therigatha, Vimanavatthu, and Petavattuh. Links to free editions can be found on the main monastery website. logo has professionally recorded readings of English sutta translations (despite the word Pali in the name) for free download. Translations are by a variety of authors including Bhikkhu Bodhi, Bhikkhu Sujato, and Rupert Gethin. logo has dozens of suttas read by monastics and lay teachers. Although there is no new content being added to the site, the recording quality is very high.

Ancient Buddhist Texts logo audio section contains hours of suttas translated by Bhante Ānandajoti. Especially notable is the complete audio recording of the Udāna.

Dhammapada by Gil Fronsdal

Readings from the Dhammapada by Gil Fronsdal has recordings of Gil Fronsdal reading his entire translation of the Dhammapada.