How To: Loading files on to an ebook reader

e-ink device connected with a usb cable

If you have only purchased your e-books directly from an on-line store and they were automatically added to your e-book device, you may not know how to use the books you download from this site. If your device isn’t listed below, you can try searching for “side loading books” and the name of your device.


Putting books on a Kindle with a cable

Connect your Kindle to your computer and open up an Explorer window showing the content of your Kindle. There you will see a folder called “documents.”

Image of Documents file on Kindle in Explorer

Put the file you want to add into that folder. That’s it! Just be sure it is an .azw3 or .mobi file. You can put .pdf files on as well, but they may not be easy to read.

Putting books on a Kindle by email and wifi

Amazon also has a service that will allow you to e-mail books to your device. Once setup, all you have to do is send an email with the file as an attachment and Amazon will sent it to your device over wifi.

You must:

  • Have your Kindle registered with Amazon
  • Have your Kindle connected to wifi.
  • Generate an e-mail address to send to.

You can find instructions here.

Putting books on a Kobo with a cable

Putting a book on your Kobo by a cable is very easy. You can find instructions here.

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