Sutta Pitaka e-books: epub, mobi, Kindle

The following are links to Sutta texts available for e-book platforms such as the Kindle, Nook, and Sony Reader. Not all texts are available on all platforms.  If you know of Sutta e-books (.mobi or .epub) that are not listed, please share them in the comments below.

Wisdom Publication Editions: Kindle, EPUB,  PDF, paid

The Wisdom of the Buddha Series is now available as a three-file download directly from the Wisdom Publications website, By purchasing through the Wisdom website instead of Amazon, you will get an epub and pdf format as well as kindle. And the files will not have the DRM (restrictive copy protection) so you are feee to use them on any device. To find them, simply do a title search.

From Epub and Mobi, Free

Original Texts in Pali: Epub, free

From this website, Mobi and Epub books in the Pali language. Includes proper font support.

Ancient Buddhist Texts: Mobi and Epub, free

All of the English language translations on are currently available in Mobi and Epub format from the the Ancient Buddhist Texts Ebook Page. There are dozens of documents in the zipped download, including

  • The Great Emancipation (DN 16, Mahaparinibbana Sutta)
  • Exalted Utterances (The complete Udana)
  • The Discourse about the Ways of Attending to Mindfulness (MN. 10, Satipatthana Sutta)
  • The Discourse about Mindfulness while Breathing (MN. 118, Anapanasati Sutta)
  • The Short Readings (KN 1, the complete Khuddakapatha)
  • The Way to the Beyond (Sn V, the fifth chapter of the Sutta Nipata)

Ajahn Thanissaro, Metta Forest Monastery: Epub and Mobi, free

There is a growing collection at, including the complete Dhammapada and Udana, as well as the anthologies Into the Stream, Beyond Coping, and Mindful of the Body. Expect more to come in the near future. Now The Handful of Leaves Anthology is available as epubs.

Other Items

  • Some commercial books available for the Amazon Kindle.
  • Venerable Pesala has an edited version of Venerable Narada’s Dhammapada translation along with summaries of the commentary stories. It can be found as an free epub  here. Click on the book icon.

Are you aware of other Mobi or Epub Sutta books available? Post them in the comments. Note: this page is exclusively for Sutta books.

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