Even if we do most of our reading in print books or ebooks, we will need to go on-line and look up suttas. Here are some tips help you use the resources on

Setting site language

Setting the site language on accomplishes two things:

  1. Gives priority to translations in your chosen language
  2. Might set the user interface to that language if the translation exists

How to set

Click the three dot menu in the top right corner of the page. The first menu item will be language settings. English is the default.

If you select a language where the user interface has been translated, like Deutsch, you will see the change as soon as you make the selection:

If you don’t see the interface language change, no worries! There is still a benefit to selecting your preferred language.

Seeing preferred language translations

Now that your preferred language has been set, when you start to navigate the site, you will see an indication of where translations in your language exist:

As you go deeper in the navigation, this number will continue to indicate how many suttas are in your language at each level. For example, in the shot below we see that French has only a limited coverage in this chapter:

When we finally get to the level of individual suttas, then if there is a translation in our chosen language, it will show up like this:

If there are no translations in your chosen language, then the area will be blank. Explore other modern language translation in the section below.


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