The King in the Forest: Teachings of the Buddha to King Pasenadi Kosala

There are few disciples of the Buddha whose faith journey can be so clearly seen over the course of a long relationship with the Buddha. King Pasenadi Kosala, though, is one of them. In this collection of all the sermons given by the Buddha to King Pasendi we can learn how one slowly applies the teachings of the Buddha to day to day life with reflection and dedication. This anthology also includes stories from the Dhammapada Commentary that further illuminate the life of this great disciple.

Translations are By Bhikkhu Sujato (MN, SN, AN) Ajahn Thanissaro (Ud) and E. Burlingame (DhpA)


MN 86. With Aṅgulimāla
MN 87. Born From the Beloved
MN 88. The Imported Cloth
MN 89. Shrines to the Teaching
MN 90. At Kaṇṇakatthala
SN 3:1. Young
SN 3:2. A Man
SN 3:3. Old Age and Death
SN 3:4. Loved
SN 3:5. Self-Protected
SN 3:6. Few
SN 3:7. Judgment
SN 3:8. With Queen Mallikā
SN 3:9. Sacrifice
SN 3:10. Shackles
SN 3:11. Seven Matted-Hair Ascetics
SN 3:12. Five Kings
SN 3:13. A Bucket of Rice
SN 3:14. Battle (1st)
SN 3:15. Battle (2nd)
SN 3:16. A Daughter
SN 3:17. Diligence
SN 3:18. Good Friends
SN 3:19. Childless (1st)
SN 3:20. Childless (2nd)
SN 3:21. Persons
SN 3:22. Grandmother
SN 3:23. The World
SN 3:24. Archery
SN 3:25. The Simile of the Mountain
SN 44:1. With Khemā
AN 5:49 The King of Kosala
AN 10:30 Kosala (2nd)
Ud 6.2 Seclusion
Appendix: Dhammapada Commentary
DhpA 47: Viḍuḍabha Wreaks Vengeance on the Sakiyas
—Story of the Past: Kesava, Kappa, Narada, and the King of Benāres
DhpA 51–52. The King and the King of Kings
DhpA 60. The King and the Poor Man with a Beautiful Wife
—Story of the Past: The Hell Pot
—Story of the Past: The King of Benāres and Queen Dinnā
—Story of the Past: The woman who killed a ewe
DhpA 116. The Brahman with a Single Robe
DhpA 151. Queen Mallikā and Her Dog
DhpA 201. Defeat of the King of Kosala
DhpA 204. On Moderation in Eating
DhpA 355. Treasurer Childless
—Story of the Past: The stingy treasurer


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