Sutta Nipata: translated by Viggo Fausböll, Free Kindle, Epub

This is a free e-book edition of the Sutta Nipata, translated by Viggo Fausböll, originally part of Sacred Books of the East, Vol. 10: The Dhammapada and Sutta Nipata, by Max Müller and Viggo Fausböll, [1881]. These e-books are strictly for free distribution.

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Select a package!

There are several versions of this text on, but none of them are free. Additionally, in this edition the notes have been hyper-linked and moved to the back of the book.

Considering the translation was done well over 100 years ago it is remarkably lucid and accurate. However, someone without a strong background in the suttas would be advised to stick with more contemporary works.

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  • The Suttanipata: An Ancient Collection of the Buddha’s Discourses Together with Its Commentaries, by Bhikkhu Bodhi from Wisdom Publications in both print and ebook form.

Print Only:

  • The Rhinoceros Horn and Other Early Buddhist Poems (Sutta Nipāta), translated by K. R. Norman, with alternative translations by I. B. Horner and Ven. Walapola Rahula, Pali Text Society. Paperback edition available. Complete text.

The on-line version of the text in this e-book can be found here at

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