Udāna translated by Bhikkhu Sujato—English & Pali-English—Free Epub, Kindle

The Udāna is a collection of 80 suttas that each present a situation the Buddha observed and responded to with a short inspiration of Dhamma. Most suttas are quite short with a scattering of longer stories. This collection is great for a one-sutta-per-day reading practice.

English only

Pali & English

You can find links to all of the ebooks of Bhante Sujato made by ReadingFaithfully here.

If you are going to use the ebook edition for a daily sutta reading practice, you may want to use a checklist to keep track and have a physical reminder of what you have read. You can download checklists here.

And of course you can read it on-line at SuttaCentral.net.

Other free ebook versions of the Udāna:

  • Exalted Utterances – Udāna (KN 3), Translated by Ānandajoti Bhikkhu Download from ancient-buddhist-texts.net in English or Pāḷi and English
  • Udana: Exclamations, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu. (revised Jan. 17, 2017). Complete Translation. Print copies available free from Metta Forest Monastery. Download E-books from DhammaTalks.org.

Commercial Ebooks

  • The Udana and the Itivuttaka by John D Ireland from Pariyatti.org

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