Verses of the Senior Monks: Theragatha Ebook by Bhikkhu Sujato—EPUB, Kindle, PDF

This is an unofficial edition of the translation of the Theragatha by Bhikkhu Sujato found on It is also available in paperback and hardback from lulu.

This is a very modern and easy to read translation. It is the perfect text to read a little bit from each day or take with you into the forest to read under a tree.

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Verses of the Senior Monks: Theragatha, Kindle AZW3
Verses of the Senior Monks: Theragatha, EPUB
Verses of the Senior Monks: Theragatha, PDF A5

Here are some of the verses of Arahant Ananda:

Gotama is learned, a brilliant speaker,
The attendant to the Buddha.
Unfettered, with burden put aside,
He lies down to sleep.

Unfettered, his defilements have ended,
He has transcended attachments,
and has attained nibbāna.
He bears his final body,
Gone beyond birth and death.

Gotama, in whom the teachings of the Buddha,
The Kinsman of the Sun, are established,
Stands on the path
Leading to nibbāna.

I learned 82,000 from the Buddha,
And 2,000 from the monks;
These 84,000
Are the teachings I have memorized.

A person of little learning
Ages like an ox—
Their flesh grows,
But their wisdom doesn’t.

A learned person who, on account of their learning,
Looks down on someone of little learning,
Seems to me like
A blind man holding a lamp.

You should stay close to a learned person—
Don’t lose what you’ve learned.
It is the root of the spiritual life,
So you should memorize the Dhamma.

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