Dhammapada: Translated by Ven. Narada, PDF, Mobi/Kindle, Epub

Venerable Narada’s translation is regarded as being accurate and readable, but the language is perhaps a bit older than Acharya Buddharakkita’s version. It can often be found as a free distribution book that includes the translation, Pali, notes, and summaries from the commentary stories. An on-line version of the text can be found here. Other free electronic versions can be found below:


  • Booklet PDF, print double sided onto 8.5×11 paper and fold to make a booklet (choose “flip on short edge” in printer settings). This edition does not include the story summaries or footnotes from the original.
  • Whole Page format PDF,  verses only. Print on 8.5×11 paper. Otherwise the text is the same as above.

Epub, Mobi/Kindle: Verse Only

This is the verses only of the original translation by Venerable Narada Maha Thera

Epub: With Commentary Stories

Bhikkhu Pesala has revised the translation of the verses and commentary stories and made it available as both an Epub and PDF on aimwell.org. If you need a version to read on a Kindle, you can easily use software called Calibre to convert the epub into mobi.

Note: Please do not re-distribute these files as corrections/improvements are made from time to time. Please just link to this page.

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