Anguttara Nikaya translated by Bhikkhu Sujato—Free Epub, Kindle, PDF

Now you can download a variety of formats of the complete Anguttara Nikaya, the Numbered Discourses, translated into English by Bhikkhu Sujato for Sutta Central. You may be familiar with an earlier translation by Bhikkhu Bodhi under the title Numerical Discourses.

Another way to read many of these suttas is by using Bhikkhu Bodhi’s Thematic Guide to the Aṅguttara Nikāya linked to Bhikkhu Sujato’s translations.

These editions are from 13 November 2019

If you are going to use the ebook edition for a daily sutta reading practice, you may want to use a checklist to keep track and have a physical reminder of what you have read. You can download checklists here.

And of course you can read it on-line at


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