Theragāthā: Psalms of the Brethren—Psalms of the Early Buddhists II—Free EPUB, Kindle Ebook

This translation is the second volume in the Psalms of the Early Buddhist by Mrs. C.A.F. Rhys Davids, the first being Psalms of the Sisters, also available as an ebook.

In addition to the verses, this book also includes the part of the ancient commentary that gives the background stories behind the verses. This can be especially helpful for those elders with many verses that would seem to have taken place over different situations.

Both the Theragāthā and the Therīgāthā make a good backup text for a daily reading practice.

The language style of the translation is quite outdated so this may not be a good translation to start with. However it is a good resource for exploring the stories of the lives of the elders.

The original files used to create this book are used with permission from

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